Trump Leads Biden by 10 Points in Latest Election Poll: Rasmussen Reports

Former President Donald Trump has boosted his lead over President Joe Biden to ten percentage points ahead of the upcoming elections, according to a recent poll.

In a three-way contest between President Trump, President Biden, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the former president gets the backing of 46 percent of likely U.S. voters, according to results of an April 29–May 1 survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports. This is a 10 percentage point lead over President Biden who only received 36 percent support. Nine percent backed RFK Jr. The 10-point lead is an improvement from the six points President Trump had in April.

Additionally, as Naveen Athrappully reports at The Epoch Times, the incumbent president is not faring well in terms of his popularity. His job approval rating for the 13th quarter of his presidency is the lowest of his term and is the worst among all presidents in modern history, according to a recent Gallup poll.

According to an April 29 update from Morning Consult, both President Trump and President Biden were tied with 43 percent support of voters. However, President Trump had an advantage among Independents where he netted a two percentage point lead over President Biden.

In addition, 88 percent of Trump 2020 voters said they would vote for him once again. This is four percentage points higher than the 84 percent of Biden 2020 voters who said they will support President Biden in 2024.

The poll also found that President Trump’s popularity has increased.

“Trump’s net favorability rating – the share of voters with a favorable view minus the share with an unfavorable view – ticked up to minus 2 points, the highest since early December. His rating has increased 11 points since a 2024 low reached in January,” Morning Consult stated.

An April 30 survey from Emerson College Polling/The Hill found that President Trump was leading President Biden in all seven swing states.

President Trump had a lead of four percentage points in Arizona, three in Georgia, one percentage point in Michigan and Nevada, five percentage points in North Carolina, and two in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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