Turkish Man Was Arrested After Threatening Saudi Tourists With A Knife In Istanbul Restaurant

A Turkish citizen was arrested after threatening Saudi tourists with a knife at a restaurant in the Maslak area of Istanbul in Turkiye.

The Turkish police arrested the man after a video clip went viral on social media in which the assailant was seen wielding a knife and threatening Saudi tourists who were sitting in a cafe in Maslak. According to reports, the man committed the crime under the influence of alcohol.

While the Saudi tourists were sitting in the cafe, the Turkish citizen appeared carrying a knife, waving it in the air, threatening them, and insulting the Arabs with abusive words.

One of the tourists, who was targeted by the Turkish man, filmed the video clip that documented the incident, where the man appeared wielding a knife and shouting, “Don’t speak Arabic, you are in Turkey…”

The man, who was cursing and threatening Saudi tourists with a knife in his hand, was taken out of the restaurant and removed from the place.

The suspect was later arrested from his home, while he was drunk, and was referred to the prosecution to complete the legal procedures. The incident comes in the wake of unrest in Kayseri and a number of Turkish cities against Syrian refugees.


Saudi Gazette

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