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Two Bahraini Officers Killed in Drone Strike Near Saudi-Yemen Border

Two officers from Bahrain were killed and members of the Arab coalition injured during a drone attack by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in southern Saudi Arabia, coalition spokesman Brig Gen Turki Al Malki said on Monday.

“As the leadership of the joint forces of the coalition mourns the heroic martyrs loyal to their religion and nation, it extends its deepest condolences and sincere sympathy to the families of the heroic martyrs,” Brig Gen Al Malki said in a statement issued to the Saudi Press Agency.

He said the coalition “prays to God to cover them with His vast mercy, to make them dwell in His spacious gardens, to accept them as righteous martyrs and to grant recovery to the injured”.

The leadership of the joint forces of the coalition condemned the treacherous attack near the Saudi-Yemen border by some Houthi elements, Brig Gen Al Malki said.

He called it a treacherous act and said hostilities during the past month, including an attack on an electrical power distribution station and a police station in the border region, were “unacceptable” and “provocative”.

Brig Gen Al Malki said that in line with the positive efforts being made to seek an end to the crisis and reach a comprehensive political solution, the joint forces of the coalition affirm their rejection of repeated provocations and reserve the right to respond at the appropriate time and place.

The Bahrain Defence Force (BDF), received the bodies of the fallen servicemen Lieutenant Mubarak Hashel Zayed Al Kubaisi and Corporal Yaqoub Rahmat Moulai Mohammed on Monday at the Isa Air Base on board a Royal Bahraini Air Force military aircraft.


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