Two Bahrainis Sentenced to Death for Murder of Policeman

The number of court sessions are reduced as a precautionary measure.
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The Supreme Court of Appeals has upheld the verdict to execute two Bahraini men convicted of murdering a policeman in Al Dair village in Muharraq Governorate back in 2014. 

This is the second time the Appeals Court, under a different jury panel, has re-confirmed the death penalty issued against the defendants. It came after the Cassation Court ordered a re-trial for the defendants, giving them a lifeline after the High Criminal Court decided to hand down the capital punishment and it was upheld by the High Appeals Court. 

Now, the case will be escalated to the Cassation Court to issue its verdict on it.   The two Bahrainis are implicated in a bomb blast that killed the policeman and injured five others. A 31-year-old former corporals head at Bahrain International Airport, and a 27-year-old former hotel employee, received the capital punishment after they were convicted of premeditated murder, attempted murder, detonating and possessing an explosive device, participating in an illegal gathering and possessing Molotov cocktails. Seven other men embroiled in this case were given six years behind bars each. 

The Cassation Court had earlier rejected the appeals filed by them, but accepted the Public Prosecution’s request to re-try them after the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) shared with Prosecutors new medical reports prepared by Ministry of Interior’s coroners. Policeman  Abdulwa – hed Sayyed Mohammed Faqeer, 29, suffered fatal chest injuries, which led to his death, in an explosion that occurred in Al Dair village, located a few kilometers to the north of Bahrain International Airport, on February 14, 2014. 

As reported earlier, a statement issued by the Public Prosecution mentioned: “The SIU submitted a memorandum to the Public Prosecution regarding its investigations in both complaints lodged by the two who were sentenced to death for killing a policeman and attempted murdering of several other policemen by detonating a terrorist bomb blast. “The SIU in its memorandum suggested the possibility of the reconsideration of the sentence against the convicts on the basis of new reports which came out in the course of its investigation and which were neither submitted to the two degrees of litigation courts nor submitted to the Cassation Court.”

The Prosecution further added: “The verdict was based on various evidence other than the evidence derived from defendants’ statements including technical evidence that the suspects exchanged mobile text messages indicating that they agreed and coordinated to commit the crime.   


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