Two Young Women Save Man’s Life In Saudi Arabia

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Two Saudi female nurses rescued a young man after he began choking on his own tongue due to an injury from a traffic accident, local media reported earlier this week. According to reports, the off-duty nurses were luckily passing by the site of the accident and stopped to help the man until the ambulance arrived.

Mariam Al-Shammari, one of the two nurses who dealt with the case, saw the man lying in a semi-conscious state with a number of people standing around him. She got out of the car immediately and proceeded toward the man. She found the man’s clothes had made a noose around his neck.

She said she asked for a knife from a young man who was standing beside her and immediately cut the noose. It was then that she discovered the man had swallowed his tongue with blood coming out of his mouth. Shammari said at this moment the other nurse, Wafa Al-Anzi, arrived at the scene and helped her to bring the man’s tongue back to its place.

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Al-Anzi, who has been working as a nurse for six years and is studying her master’s degree in hospital management, said she saw people crowding around a man who was lying in the middle of the street.

She said while trying to put the tongue back in its correct place, the man bit her hand but she continued doing her job until he started breathing normally.

It is noteworthy that the man recording the video can be heard thanking the women for saving the man’s life. The injured man was shifted to Khalid Hospital, according to reports.

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In a video that went viral on social media, the two women can be seen helping the man be preventing him from choking on his tongue, and keeping it in a normal position so that he can breathe easily. Netizens praised the women for their humane act.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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