UAE: Actress fined Dh100,000 for Snapchat video

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An actress in Abu Dhabi was fined Dh100,000 for breaching a man’s privacy by taking pictures of him and posting them on her personal Snapchat account on Monday.
Her lawyer, Ali Al Mansouri, argued that there was no motive for her to commit such a crime, as per an Al Bayan report. He said that the photos were taken to prove that an incident took place, which the victim was in full knowledge and awareness of.
He added that she had only posted the video on her Snapchat account. The video posted on YouTube, which saw over one million views, was not published by the actress.

“The actress is a leading actress in the UAE and has an international following, and this man has taken her to court to extort money from her,” Al Mansouri claimed.

The plaintiff had brought the case on behalf of an electricity authority.

The first court had ruled the actress pay a fine and confiscated her phone. It also ruled that she pay for the court fees. She appealed the ruling. The verdict will be issued on Wednesday.

No other information was provided.


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