UAE announces 2-week treatment results of Sotrovimab for COVID-19

UAE has today announced the treatment results for Sotrovimab, an antiviral treatment for severe COVID-19 cases in adults, pregnant women and children aged 12 and above who are at risk of progressing to severe symptoms and meet other relevant criteria.

Between 16-29 June, Sotrovimab was administered to 658 patients with COVID-19, 46% of whom were citizens and 54% were residents. About 59% of the patients were aged 50 or above.

Over 97.3% of recipients showed improvement within five to seven days and, as symptoms subsided, neared full recovery. Patients receiving Sotrovimab were within at-risk groups due to other comorbidities associated with severe COVID-19, such as obesity, cancer, kidney disease, lung disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and allergies.

Sotrovimab is a monoclonal antibody treatment delivered through intravenous therapy in accordance with protocols developed by the National Scientific Committee.



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