UAE Authority Shuts Down Restaurant After Finding Insects, Other Food Safety Violations

A restaurant in Abu Dhabi has been ordered to shut down by the food safety authority in the emirate due to several repeated violations that pose a ‘danger to public health’.

According to the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa), Evergreen Vegetarian Restaurant – Branch 3 had been inspected previously and multiple food safety violations were found, including insects around the sink, utensils storage, and preparation areas, as well as inefficient cooling in the refrigerator and failure to maintain the right temperature for the ready-to-eat food.

Although the restaurant was repeatedly warned to correct these high-risk situations and to improve food safety, corrective measures were not taken. This resulted in the authority issuing an administrative closure order that will remain in effect until the restaurant meets all the necessary health and safety requirements mandated by the law of the emirate.

The Adafsa regularly conducts inspections at eateries and restaurants across the emirate to ensure food safety requirements are being met, and to safeguard public health. In May 2023, another restaurant, Hollowmeat Restaurant, was closed down in Al Ain for violating food safety laws.

The authority urges the public to report any violations by calling the Abu Dhabi Government toll-free number 800555.


Khaleej Times

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