How these UAE ‘bankers’ cheat clients with magic pen, 0% credit card offers

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Fraudsters have got their hands on what is known as ‘magic pens’ to cheat bank customers, the Sharjah Police have warned. The police have registered 10 cases of cheque fraud committed using these pens – which have erasable ink – this year so far.

According to the police, the criminals pose as bank representatives and offer gullible customers credit cards with a ‘zero per cent interest rate’. After that, they would collect a cheque signed with the ‘magic pen’ from them with the amount for the credit limit. However, instead of getting a credit card with great offers, they would find that an amount much higher than what they wrote out a cheque for was withdrawn from their account.

Brigadier Abdul Gader Al Ameri, director of the Sharjah Forensic laboratory, said investigations revealed that the pen given to the victims had ink that could be erased either by volatilisation or exposure to heat.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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