UAE: Barbie Movie Ban Rumours Fuel Residents To Watch Film in Georgia, Spain, India

Greta Gerwig’s much-awaited Barbie movie may not hit UAE theatres, as per a tweet by Saudi cinema and entertainment platform MovSto, however, residents are not backing down from watching the movie.

UAE residents are reportedly travelling to countries where the movie is not banned such as Georgia, Barcelona, and India.

Dubai-based resident and social media influencer Serah Fazl, who goes by the name @serah.says travelled from Dubai to Georgia to watch the movie amid the hype. “When Barbie doesn’t come to you, you go to Barbie…,” she said in an Instagram post.

Similarly, when Moey Shawash or @audaciouslamb found out about the release date of the movie being postponed, he travelled to Turkey to watch the movie.

The movie, which stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in lead roles, was originally scheduled for release on July 20, however – despite the ban speculations – cinema websites for Novo, VOX show that the movie will release on August 31. The reasons for the delay have not been disclosed yet.

The Barbie fever has spread out in the UAE so much so that a captivating CGI video was created to keep the excitement up when the movie was released in the UAE.

The video shows a colossal Barbie doll in Downtown Dubai, adjacent to the iconic Burj Khalifa, gracefully stepping out of her box and venturing into the bustling city.

Since the video’s release just last week, the viral video has swiftly swept across various social media platforms, amassing over 186,000 views and garnering thousands of comments.


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