UAE Could Flatten Curve in 2-3 Weeks, Says Health Official

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The UAE’s coronavirus curve – the number of new cases recorded daily – could flatten in two to three weeks, according to Dr. Adil Sajwani, a family medicine doctor in the Ministry of Health and Prevention and a member of the national awareness team for COVID-19 in the UAE.

The UAE’s death rate is just 0.6 percent, and the country has reported 22 deaths, said Sajwani. The global death rate is around 4 percent, according to World Health Organization statistics.

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Sajwani said that with drive-thru testing now open in all emirates, the UAE is conducting 15,000 tests per day, which means over 100,000 each week.

If a person has pre-existing conditions, is elderly, or pregnant, they can be tested for free. Additionally, those with travel history and those who have come into contact with an infected person or those showing severe symptoms can be tested for free. For those who are not showing symptoms, testing is around 370 dirhams, or $100, said Sajwani.

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Sajwani stressed the importance of staying home as much as possible and taking proper prevention measures, like washing hands often and thoroughly.


The UAE is now in its third week of lockdown measures, and as people continue to stay home, the UAE’s curve should flatten soon.


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