UAE: Covid-19 safety rules for Dubai eateries updated

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Dubai Municipality on Thursday amended the protocol and guidelines in Circular 45 for food establishments in a manner that ensures everyone’s safety and meets their entertainment needs.

The new coronavirus guidelines include:
– A face mask is mandatory: Owners must ensure visitors are committing to wearing face masks when at their establishment, except when eating.

– Restrict the number of groups: (8 individuals) per groups at one table while (5 individuals) per group are allowed at shisha venues.

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– Determine the physical-distance plan: Allow 2 metres between two tables or an isolator if the distance is less than 2 metres.

– Put isolators for tables accommodating large groups: Two groups are allowed to sit on tables accommodating large groups, while owners must ensure physical distancing is maintained or include temporary isolators in case the distance is less than 2 metres.

– Disregard specifying the group’s nature: Disregard specifying the group’s nature, whether from the same family or not.

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