UAE: Dh1,000 fine for praying on roadside

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Abu Dhabi: Motorists who stop their vehicles in undesignated places on the highways to offer prayers will be fined Dh1,000 as the practice poses dangers to them and other road users, Abu Dhabi Police said on Monday.

The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police has launched an awareness campaign on the dangers of improper bus parking on the internal and external roads of the Emirate to enhance road safety.

The campaign has been because some bus drivers, who transport workers and other motorists, stop their vehicles on the side of the road for different purposes, including offering prayers, the police said.


According to the amended regulations of the Traffic Law No. (178), the violation of stopping the vehicle on the side of the road in undesignated places will invite a fine of Dh1,000.

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The fine for stopping a vehicle at intersections or turns is Dh500; parking vehicle in a manner that causes danger to passers-by will attract a fine of Dh400, and those who fail to take necessary safety measures in case of breakdown of their vehicles will be fined Dh500.

Lieutenant Colonel Salah Abdullah Al Humairi, Deputy Director of Abu Dhabi Traffic Department at Traffic and Patrols Department, urged motorists to utilise the rest rooms and mosques at petrol stations, residential areas and labour camps, instead of stopping their vehicles on the side of the roads for offering prayers and other purposes.

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He said the campaign aims to raise awareness among bus drivers about the danger of stopping of buses in undesignated places, which is dangerous not only for them but also for other motorists.

Source Credit: Gulf News


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