UAE: Dog Attack Forces Owner To Pay DHS15,000 as Compensation

The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administrative Cases Court has ordered a person to pay a man Dhs15,000 as compensation for the hurt caused to his son because of an attack by the defendant’s dog, which caused injuries to the boy.

In the details, a man filed a lawsuit against another, demanding that he pay him an amount of Dhs30,000 for the physical hurt and Dhs20,000 for the moral impact suffered by him and his son, as well as obliging him to pay fees, expenses, and attorney’s fees.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff explained that while his minor son was walking, he was attacked by a dog owned by the defendant, which caused him the injuries mentioned in the medical report. Accordingly, the dog’s owner was convicted by the court, which fined him Dhs5,000.

The plaintiff also pointed out that he and his son suffered physical and moral harm because of the dog’s attack, which prompted him to file a lawsuit against the defendant.

The Court concluded that the defendant’s was guilty, as the plaintiff and his son suffered physical and moral hurt due to the dog’s attack. Therefore, it ordered the dog’s owner to pay the plaintiff the aforementioned amount.


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