UAE : Dubai Launches Expensive Car key Worth Dh2 Million

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The United Arab Emirates has of late witnessed a series of worldwide launches such as the most expensive perfume costing Dh4.75 million and the costliest pair of shoe worth Dh62 million.

The latest making to the list is the world’s most expensive car key, priced at whopping over Dh2 million (0.5 million euros) – excluding five percent value-added tax (VAT) which amounts to Dh100,000.

The Dubai-based firm Awain’s most exclusive supercar key the Phantom’ is combined with precious metals, fine wood, pure leather, and high-grade jewels studded with 34.5 carats of diamonds.

The company launched three exclusive lines of customizable expensive car keys which can replace the standard key of any luxury vehicle on the market.

The company expects royals from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the owners of supercars to be main buyers of these expensive keys.


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