UAE: Dubai To Allow Some Employees to Work From Public Libraries

Starting March 16, some employees in Dubai will be allowed to work remotely — specifically from the emirate’s public libraries, a top government official revealed on Wednesday.

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work, said that they are launching this initiative for the Dubai Government’s employees, giving them the flexibility to work from libraries.

“With the public libraries close to people’s homes, this will allow [the staff] to actually work closer to their residences, and also within an environment that is truly enlightening and inspiring,” Al Olama said on the sidelines of the ‘Remote’ forum held on Tuesday.

“We are going to look at new tools, new systems and new pedagogy to actually manage this,” he added.

The goal, the minister said, is to enhance individuals’ well-being.

“Just think about it this way: Today, we go to the office and there are certain standards that are applied like having a proper desk, keyboards or chairs that ensure that people do not get health issues or health problems. If you’re working from your bed, for example, at home or in an environment sitting on the sofa, and slouching down, this will create a burden rather than an advantage for the government to spend more on health insurance.”

When asked if the new initiative could be available to private sector employees, Al Olama said: “So, we need to make sure that the standards that we put in place eliminate such issues. We lead by example, but we will not force the private sector to do anything that will impact their profits.”


Khaleej Times

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