UAE: Emiratis without siblings exempt from mandatory military service

The sole son of an Emirati family is exempted from military service permanently, according to the new amendment to the national service law.

This was announced via NSR’s accounts on social networking platforms on Monday.

The Authority explained that Emiratis with female siblings will not be considered as “only sons” if proven in official documents from a competent authority. “Those who wish to join national service can do so if they meet other conditions set by the law and related decisions. They must complete the full-service period, however, they will not be summoned to fight in the frontlines,” the NSR added.

Exemption from the national service: 

  • The sole son of a family and medically unfit citizens can be exempt from military service.
  • Those who sustain their parents or siblings with special needs and those serving jail terms would benefit from a temporary exemption.
  • Once the reason for temporary exemption is over, those people have to report to the authorities to undergo military service.

What the employers need to know:

Working Emiratis will not be exempt and while serving in the military, time will be added to their end-of-service and pension benefits. Federal and local departments, as well as private sector businesses, will be obliged to allow their Emirati workers to enlist for military service. They also have to keep their jobs or similar jobs open for them once they complete the service. Their positions can be filled on a temporary basis until they have completed their services.

Failing to enlist for the national service:

Citizens who fail to enlist for military service without valid reason until they reach 29 years of age will face a jail term of one month to one year, or a fine ranging between Dhs10,000 and Dhs50,000 or both. They will have to undergo military service even if they exceed the age limit of 30.

Postponing the national service:

The national service can be postponed only if a person:

•    is less than 29 years old and is enrolled in a university, college, institution or training centre for a course the duration of which is two years or more.
•    has obtained a minimum of 90 per cent grade average or better in their General Certificate of Secondary Education.
•    reaching 18 years old and has not completed secondary education, provided the person is continuing morning classes education.

On the other hand, the national service term for male recruits — holding a high school diploma or its equivalent and above — has been shortened to 11 months, and for those who didn’t finish their high school, the term will be three years, a Ministry of Defence statement said.

Meanwhile, the statement added that the national service duration for female recruits will be 11 months. The resolution — which reflects the country’s leadership keenness to develop the national and reserve service programme — aims to increase the recruits’ training programmes. The updates will include new topics, intensify practical exercises, enhance the recruits’ confidence and provide them with the skills necessary to perform their duties.


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