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UAE employees often bored at work

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Boredom is creeping up in UAE workplaces, with employees spending five hours a week disinterested in their jobs, a new survey claims. According to the study, nearly half (47 per cent) of managers admitted that work is not  interesting enough that staff don’t feel challenged (36 per cent), and that there are too many meetings that are poorly executed (34 per cent).

Managers polled in a study by Robert Half acknowledged that their staff end up spending nearly 13 per cent of their week bored at work. For full-time employees who work eight hours daily, that means they slog through their jobs for 5.2 hours each week.

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For employees who are feeling unfulfilled, it may be time to arrange a meeting with their boss. “Without raising your hand, you might be limiting your career progression. As one spends approximately a third of their life at work, they should aim to find a purposeful role where they can add value and find fulfllment.”

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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