UAE: Expat Suffers Burns Using Hair Dye Without Gloves

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A 29-year-old expat suffered severe chemical burns while dying her sister’s hair without wearing gloves. The woman was rushed to Rashid Hospital, where she is being treated for her burns.

According to the hospital statement, the woman said that she bought the hair dye from a shop near her house. As she was in a hurry, she did not wear gloves and applied the dye with her bare hands, which caused swelling and blisters. She tried to treat her hands on her own by applying moisturiser at home for four days. As there was no improvement, she went to Rashid Hospital.

“Her hands were also swollen and she could not hold things due to the agonising pain she was suffering from. The woman was admitted to the hospital, where both the plastic surgery and dermatology teams started the treatment. It was found that she had a severe reaction from the dye and suffered from chemical burns,” said Dr Al Zarouni.
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He added the patient was kept in the hospital for four days and treated for her inflammation and redness with creams and other medicines. She was also given painkillers. Following the treatment period, the patient was discharged in a healthy condition.

Dr Al Zarouni called on the public to use discretion while applying hair dye on their own at home.

Dr Al Zarouni also advised those who suffer from a severe reaction from hair dye or other chemicals, to immediately visit the hospital instead of trying to treat it themselves.

“If a patient suffers from a chemical burn and it is left untreated, the blisters that form as a result of the burn can develop an infection causing further complications.”

He said that those who have no experience in using hair dyes must seek professional help from salons.



Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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