UAE: Expat Woman Makes Dh184,000 Through Online Begging

expat women
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An expat woman promoted herself as a victim of failed marriage made $50,000 (Dh184,000) in just 17 days, by taking advantage of residents’ generosity, said a Dubai Police official.

A case has been registered against the expat woman when her husband lodged a complaint on the Dubai Police eCrime platform for defaming his reputation.

Brig Al Jallaf urged people to not sympathize with beggars on the streets or on social media. “Begging via online channels is a crime that is being dealt with by the Dubai Police through the eCrime platform. People seek help by pretending to have a disease or disability, or by showcasing apparent poverty to exploit people’s generosity.”

He added that 128 beggars – 85 males and 43 females – were arrested during Ramadan. This includes 108 visitors, 19 residents and one GCC national with the total money confiscated from them amounts to over Dh38,000.


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