UAE: Expats In Certain Jobs To Be Replaced by April 2019

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The United Arab Emirates made an official announcement through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization stating several difficult decisions for the foreign workers in the country resulting from the resettlement of 35 jobs

The decision comes in line to replace their positions with UAE nationals by April 2019.

Some sources pointed out that the UAE has announced the prevention of renewal of residency in 35 professions for residents over the age of forty and to terminate their services and deportation from the UAE.

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced the list of prohibited occupations:

1: Pharmacist

2: Assistant pharmacist

3: Medical Secretary

4: Financial References

5: Administrative clerk

6: Jobs Relationships

7: Storekeeper

8: Prospecting

9: Support Officer

10: Human Resources Officer

11: Personnel Manager

12: Human Resource Manager

13: Receptionist

14: Employees in employment units

15: Treasurer

16: References to government departments

17: Security guard

18: Administrative Manager

19: Librarian

20: Training Manager

21: Purchasing Manager

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22: Book vendor

23: Mail Distributor

24: Administrative Assistant

25: Purchasing Officer

26: Dealer Auto Show

27: Information Recorder

28: Central Commandant

29: Residence Supervisor

30: Secretary

31: Client Accountant

32: Debt Collector

33: Cashier

34: Written Functions.

35: Tour Guide


Source: DT News

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