UAE Firm Suspends Work At Iraq Gas Complex After Deadly Strike

Emirati-owned Dana Gas has suspended operations at a gas complex in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region after a drone strike that killed four people, it said yesterday.

The Khor Mor complex owned by the United Arab Emirates firm has been hit several times in recent years, but Friday’s attack was the first deadly incident.

Four workers died and eight others were wounded when the drone struck a condensate storage tank, Dana Gas said in a statement to the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

“Although there was very minor damage to the facilities, for the safety of all our staff and the facilities, we have temporarily suspended production and instituted specific procedural changes,” it said.

Unclaimed Katyusha rocket attacks have targeted the complex several times in recent years without causing significant damage. Kurdish officials have previously blamed proIran groups for the attacks.

Friday’s strike disrupted gas supply to the region’s power plants, resulting in the loss of 2,500 megawatts (MW) of electricity, local electricity authorities said.


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