UAE: First hospital in metaverse to launch in October

Healthcare firm Thumbay Group will roll out the UAE’s first hospital in metaverse in the next few months, a senior official said on Wednesday.

“We are already working on it and expect it to launch before October this year. This will be a complete virtual hospital where people will come with an avatar and consult with the doctor. To cater to medical tourism, we will allow patients to see what the hospital looks like in the metaverse if they travel and come to Thumbay healthcare facility,” said Dr Thumbay Moideen, founder and president of Thumbay Group.

The UAE’s healthcare firm has hired a firm to train all of its doctors on how to deal with patients in the metaverse.

Akbar Moideen Thumbay, vice-president of Thumbay Group, said the group is integrating artificial intelligence into the hospital’s system whereby cameras will detect the patient’s car number plate and then his face when he enters the hospital.

“When a patient arrives at the reception, his file is already open. The process of showing identity or insurance card will be eliminated. This will be implemented throughout the Thumbay university hospital. If a patient goes to the pharmacy, cameras will recognize his face and the system will indicate to the pharmacist that the patient has come to collect his medicine,” he added.


Khaleej Times

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