UAE: Flight Attendant Accused Of Stealing Cash From Passengers

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An Emirates flight attendant accused of stealing cash from two passengers when they went to the aid of their ill father has been found not guilty.

The 37-year-old crew member was charged with taking Dh9,000 and another $2,600 from the wallets of two Emirati brothers after they left their seats unattended during a Dubai-bound flight.

The siblings, 43 and 35, were on board flight EK373 coming from Thailand along with their father and stepmother on June 21 of this year.

They said that their father was in Thailand for treatment and fell sick on board the flight while returning to Dubai. They left their seats in economy class and went to check on their father.

When they returned to their seats, they informed the attendants that their wallets had been opened and the cash stolen. They reported the incident to the airport police upon landing.

The Egyptian flight attendant was later arrested after a police investigation. The man denied a theft charge at Dubai Criminal Court and was found not guilty by judges due to a lack of evidence.


Source Credit: The National

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