UAE Frees Qatari Military Boat That Entered Its Waters

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The UAE released a Qatari military boat carrying four people that entered its waters last week, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said on Monday.

Four military personnel who were on board the ship were also released. They included two Qatari sailors – First Lt Mohammed Al Heil and Lance Cpl Saeed Al Marri. The two other crew members were Lance Cpl Mohammed Al Beltaji, a Palestinian, and Pvt Fayez Talkoum, an Indian.

The release of the ship was announced by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation on Monday.

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The ministry said the vessel, flying the Qatari flag, entered the UAE’s territorial waters on April 30.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Qatar in July 2017, accusing it of backing terrorism and Iran.

The Arab Quartet imposed wide-ranging punitive measures which included banning Qatari vessels from their regional waters and planes from their airspace.

Last year, the four countries filed an airspace dispute to the UN’s International Court of Justice against Doha in response to at least five incidents of Qatari jets flying within hundreds of metres of UAE civilian aircraft over another country’s airspace.

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The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority said such manoeuvers left just seconds to avoid a potential collision, endangering the lives of those on board.


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