UAE hand gestures that you need to know

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1. Tolerance

The relatively new ‘Tolerance Sign’ was announced at an event that saw four doves being released into the sky at the base of the Burj Khalifa (hence why the sign resembles a bird). It’s a symbol of acceptance and hope (and yes, it does resemble the WuTang sign).

2. I don’t know

The ‘I don’t know’ hand sign consists of a cupped hand being flapped 180. A staple in conversations burdened with a language barrier. Can also be used in a ‘come on, man’ scenario, or when asking the price of something.

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3. Come here

This one is similar to the cupped hand, waving fingers used in the western world, all you’ve got to do is flip your hand over, and make the same ‘come hither’ motion with all your fingers. This signal is often used from a car to command the attention of the karak man.

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