UAE hits new high in daily COVID-19 cases with 1,100 new infections

The pandemic seems to be on an upward spiral as the UAE on Wednesday recorded the biggest ever rise in daily Covid cases with 1,100 infections. This is the highest number of daily cases recorded in the country, bringing the total tally to 94,190.

The steepest rise in the number of coronavirus cases should shake us out of the complacency we have fallen into.

The government also reported 1,186 recoveries and three deaths due to complications caused by the virus, bringing the total recoveries to 83,724.

Leading the way in global testing rates, the UAE for the third time in less than two weeks conducted over 100,000 Covid tests in a single day on Wednesday. Some 105,615 new tests were carried out. The UAE has conducted more than 9.6 million tests so far.

The previous highest number of cases recorded in a single day was on September 24, with 1,083 cases. This is the third time that daily Covid-19 cases have crossed the 1,000 mark.


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