UAE: Hope Probe celebrates first anniversary with successful experiments

The UAE’s Mars Exploration Project, Hope Probe celebrates on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of the successful launch of the orbiter aboard the H2A rocket to its historic flight from the Japanese Tanegashima base on July 20, 2020. 

The Hope Probe continues orbiting the red planet on its scientific mission to collect information and data previously unavailable to mankind.

Since its launch on its historic journey to explore the Red Planet, the Hope Probe has travelled over 1,150,000 kilometers, including 493 million kilometers from the Earth to the orbit of Mars, in addition to its orbit around Mars for a full cycle every 55 hours.

The twentieth of July 2020 represents a luminous station in the history of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project. It reflects the extent to which the project team can successfully deal with the challenge in order to implement time, especially that the process of transferring the probe from Dubai to the launch station in Japan during the coronavirus pandemic.

This day also marked a historic moment, launching the first planetary exploration mission by an Arab country, the fifth country in the world to successfully reach the orbit of Mars, thus crowning more than 7 years of the tireless teamwork continued for day and night, focusing on this historic cosmic and scientific

 The Red Planet in implementation of its scientific mission, which continues until May 2023.


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