UAE Increases Mosques’ Capacity to 50%

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Mosques in the UAE can operate at 50 per cent capacity from tomorrow (August 3) when the country reopens after a four-day Eid Al Adha break.

Mosques have been operating at 30 per cent since they were reopened on July 1.

Worshippers must maintain a distance of two metres from one another, as opposed to three metres as announced earlier.

The gap between the call to prayer (azan) and the prayer (salah) will be increased to 10 minutes, except for Maghrib (sunset prayer), when the gap will be five minutes.

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All other precautionary measures announced previously by the authorities  to keep the faithful safe from Covid-19 will remain in place. These include mandatory face masks at all times; worshippers having to bring their own prayer mats to mosques; performing ablutions at home; using the mosque only for the main prayers; and the elderly, children and those with chronic diseases having to continue praying at home for their own safety.



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