UAE: Indian job seekers fall prey to bogus recruiters

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Disguised as recruitment agents for leading varsities in the UAE, a network of online scammers are actively duping school and varsity teachers and education sector employees in India.

Trails of convincing emails, allegedly sent on behalf of the University of Sharjah and Al Ain University of Science and Technology, from Behold Recruitment Services, Skido Recruitment, Ozone Recruitment, Expo Travel and Tourism shows gullible teachers were offered high-paying jobs, family accommodation, vehicles and other perks.

One Bhopal-based victim lost a whooping Dh37,000 (approximately 650,000 Indian rupees) to this scam. However, officials at the University of Sharjah have clarified that they have no affiliation with the above-mentioned recruitment agents.

Upon investigation, it was found that most of these recruitment agencies don’t have functioning numbers and reply only to e-mails. The scale of the scam operations is evidently widespread, as several other victims have posted complaints about it on the website

Officials at the Sharjah Police have confirmed to Khaleej Times that they have launched an intensive investigation in this case. The police is making great efforts to curb these scams.

Officials are also following up with cases that have been recently lodged by many victims related to job scams within the UAE.

Beware of these names

  • Behold Recruitment Services
  • Skido Recruitment
  • Ozone Recruitment
  • Expo Travel and Tourism
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How UAE-based frauds duped a PHd holder

Khaleej Times spoke to a few teachers based in India who were systematically approached by these UAE-based scammers and made to believe that they have been accepted into high paying jobs in various universities across the UAE.

She received the first copy of her offer letter in early October. “I was very happy as the offer for the post of Senior Research Fellow was made for Dh45,500 per month and I was to join by the end of November,” she said. The job offered several other interesting benefits, such as the family visa. “The agent, one ‘Ibrahim Saha’, advised that I begin processing my paperwork immediately,” she added.

Neeta sent money to these agents via local banks, into bank accounts in the UAE multiple times. “It is the only time in my life that I’ve made such a big blunder. When they kept demanding more money, promising each time that they would return it, is when I realised that something is not right,” she said.

Money was also taken for the visa, medical, and an approval from the non-existent ‘UAE drug law enforcement consulate-transferring and fund movement unit’, which requires $3,400 for a ‘drug law certificate’. Money was routed through travel agencies, such as ‘COZMO Travels’, who also denied having affilations with such agents.

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Some basic sleuthing skills and running internet searches helped Neeta realise that she has been scammed. “I lost more than 650,000 Indian rupees (over Dh37,000) in this. My entire life savings have been washed away. I really need my money back,” said a very disturbed Neeta.

The miscreants purposely target job seekers given, that they are desperate and are already on the lookout for jobs.

Woman gets back money

Some people, though have been affected, have gone the extra length to teach such fraudsters a lesson.

Dr Kavita Khullar, the principal of Doon International School, Srinagar, Kashmir, India, has been working in the education sector for over 20 years. Kavita first received the e-mail early Friday, December 1.

“I’ve considered looking for a job in Dubai as my son lives there,” said Kavita, who experienced a similar one when she lived in Delhi. “I walked up to their office and humiliated them till they returned my money,” she said.

“Now, every time I come across such a scam, I see that I waste their time by taking the conversation forward. Just so that they feel the pain of wasting someone’s time, energy and money,” she added.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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