UAE issues guidelines to reopen schools, colleges

As part of a broader plan to bounce back to normalcy, the UAE on Monday issued a set of guidelines for a possible reopening of schools, universities and nurseries in the next academic year in September.

Officials also clarified that outbound travel from the UAE is not applicable to all citizens and residents. Travel is allowed for particular categories and based on the risk classification of the destination country.

Anoud Abdullah Al Hajj, official spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, said a plan has been developed to discuss the possibility of resuming studies in all governmental and private educational institutions by adhering to strict precautionary measures.

She said all schools must commit to checking the temperature of all administrative staff, students and teachers on a daily basis.

Schools will have to make sure students do not share meals.

There will be a health and safety official in each educational institution to implement the precautionary instructions. In addition, nursing staff must be present on all campuses to maintain a safe environment and reduce risks to students.

The following guidelines for reopening schools and universities were announced:

  1. Check temperatures of all students and teaching staff
  2. Maintain physical distancing and reduce the capacity in classrooms
  3. Sanitise all areas regularly
  4. Meals not to be shared by students
  5. Limit assemblies, trips, parties, camps and sports games.
  6. Reduce occupancy of bus capacity to 30%
  7. A health officer to be stationed in each education facility. Nursing departments at schools to help reduce risk of infection.
  8. Parents to monitor the health of their children and inform the school if they come in contact with any Covid-positive case.
  9. A decision on students with underlying health conditions will be taken on a case-by-case basis.


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