UAE labor law: annual leave

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1. Which official holidays are employees entitled to?

  1. Hijri New Year’s Day – one day
  2. Gregorian New Year’s Day – one day
  3. Eid Al Fitr (end of Ramadan) – two days
  4. Eid Al Adha and Waqfa – three days
  5. Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday – one day
  6. Isra and Al Mi’raj – one day
  7. Martyr’s Day – one day
  8. National Day – one day

2. Who determines when the leave starts and for how long?

The employer has the right to determine the beginning of the annual leave, and when necessary, has the right to divide the leave into two sections.

3. At which point should annual leave wages be paid?

Before taking their annual leave, employees shall be paid their full wage, plus the wage of the leave days they deserve according to the provision of this law.

Source Credit: Gulf News
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