UAE Launches First Smartphone Vending Machine

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Etisalat has launched a smartphone self-service vending machine by partnering with ADNOC Distribution, the fuel distributor and convenience store operator in the UAE.

The machine will allow customers 24/7 access and a five-minute turnaround time to buy a smartphone automatically, a statement said.

The launch is part of a pilot project implemented by the two entities to ensure the provision of high-quality services and deliver an enhanced customer experience, it added.

The first machine is available at the ADNOC Distribution service station located on the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

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The vending machine provides a range of handsets and accessories for both Android and iOS. When prompted, a customer inserts his or her Emirates ID card, checks the personal information displayed on the screen, enters or modifies the mobile number, and selects the item and the payment method. Both cash and credit cards are accepted. The machine will dispense the product and receipt at the end of the transaction.


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