UAE man abuses woman on Whatsapp, faces DH5,000 fine and deportation

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A man who was convicted of abusing and insulting a woman through WhatsApp messages has had his Dh5,000 fine sentence confirmed on appeal. The Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi upheld the appeal court ruling, which handed down the sentence to the Arab man after he was found guilty of violating the online law.

Official court documents stated that the woman complained to authorities after the man sent her abusive and insulting messages using his mobile phone.The woman said in her lawsuit that she was undermined by the man’s abusive and insulting texts.

Prosecutors charged the man with using an electronic device to abuse the woman which is a violation under the online law. They also demanded that the man be given a tough sentence. Aside from the Dh5,000 fine, prosecutors also demanded the man’s deportation from the country.



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