UAE man jailed for beating wife with stick to discipline her

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A man who was convicted of beating up his wife and hitting her with a wooden stick will spend one month in jail in addition to paying a fine of Dh5,000, the UAE’s top court has ruled.

The Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi upheld earlier rulings by lower courts that handed down the sentences to the Arab husband after he was found guilty assaulting his wife.

Official court records stated that the woman lodged a complaint with authorities after she was beaten by her husband while at their home located in a northern emirate.

The woman told cops and prosecutors that the man hit her on several parts of her body with his hands.

Prosecutors said the man also used a wooden stick to hit his wife.

A medical report showed that the woman suffered bruises and wounds to her head, knee, chest, back and on the stomach.

The woman said that she spent 20 days without being able to do anything on her own as a result of the wounds. She also presented photos showing the bruises from the attacks to authorities.

Prosecutors had charged the husband with assaulting his wife.

The man, however, denied the charge throughout his trials stressing that he only beat her lightly just to discipline her.

Both the First Instance Court and the Appeal Court gave the husband one month in jail and also ordered him to pay a fine of Dh5,000.

The man then went to UAE’s top court which has maintained verdicts by the first courts.

The woman was also advised to file a civil law suit against her husband to compensate her for the damages.


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