UAE: Man starves wife for 4 days, breaks her fingers when begged for food

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A woman in Ajman, beaten by her husband and starved for four days, filed for divorce.

The victim had been in her home country but was looking for work when a business owner in the UAE saw her passport pictures. After an intense three-day, long-distance courtship, he asked her to work for him and be his wife.

Once she came to the UAE, he would take her with him on business meetings, but he never paid her a salary.

After some time he informed her that he won’t be renewing her employment contract and she had to find some other place to live, as per an Emarat Al Youm report.

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He denied her food for four days, after which she went to his office and demanded money so she could eat, but he attacked her, pulled her hair and broke her fingers.

She was taken to the hospital and later filed a complaint with Ajman Police, who referred her case to the Himaya Foundation for Woman and Child Protection.

Several attempts were made to contact the man, but to no avail. As a result of his failing to solve the issue amicably, Ajman Police arrested him and he remains in custody.

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It appeared that she was not the first wife and he had committed the same style of abuse with several woman prior to his marriage with her.

Her case was referred to the Criminal Court.


Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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