UAE: Motorist Caught Speeding At 225km/Hour

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A driver was caught speeding in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain, UAE in what police described as “insane”.

Police said the traffic radar captured the motorist exceeding the speed limit on the road by more than 80km/hour.

The driver has been referred to the traffic prosecution, while the car he was driving was impounded, officials said.

Under the amended federal traffic law, anyone caught exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 80km/hour will face a fine of Dhs3,000, along with 23 black traffic points. The vehicle will also be impounded for 60 days.

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Officials urged drivers to adhere to speed limits and warned that speeding can lead to serious consequences.

“We have not, and will not, tolerate any perpetrator who commits such traffic violations. All legal measures will be taken against the motorist,” the police said.



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