UAE: New Fee Packages For Hiring Expat Domestic Workers

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A new fee system has been announced for recruiting domestic workers in the UAE. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has introduced four different packages which will be updated every six months.

The first package relates to the recruitment of domestic workers from outside the country, with the fee set at AED14,000 for Filipino workers, AED15,000 for Indonesian and Sri Lankan workers, AED5,000 for Ethiopian workers, AED6,500 for Kenyan and Ugandan workers, AED2,000 for Indian workers, AED7,000 for Bangladeshi workers, and AED14,500 for Nepalese workers, excluding government fees for entry visas, accommodation and medical check-ups.

The second package relates to hiring domestic workers who are registered for a contractual period of six months. After the end of the six-month period, the workers will be allowed to work as resident workers for their employers or host families, subject to the approval of involved parties.

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The workers must also pay a moving fee after the end of their contract, which is AED8,000 for Filipino workers while Indonesian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi workers will pay AED4,500. Ethiopian, Kenyan and Ugandan workers will pay AED3,500 and Indian and Nepalese workers will pay AED6,000.

Employers who select this package on a monthly basis will pay AED2,500 for Filipino and Indonesian workers, AED2,200 for Sri Lankan workers, AED2,250 for Bangladeshi, Kenyan, Nepalese and Indian workers, and AED2,300 for Ethiopian and Ugandan workers until the end of the six-month period.

The third package involves the temporary recruitment of domestic workers for a two-year period where the workers will not be allowed to work as resident workers for their employers or families after the set period.

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The maximum monthly fee for this package is AED2,500 for Filipino and Indonesian workers, AED2,300 for Sri Lankan, Ethiopian and Ugandan workers, and AED2,250 for Kenyan, Indian, Bangladeshi and Nepalese workers.

The fourth package features a flexible system for employers, who can hire workers based on their requirements, whether hourly, daily or weekly.

The cost of workers of all nationalities is AED120 for four hours daily, AED200 for eight hours daily, AED1,120 for seven days, AED3,500 for 30 days, AED3,250 monthly for six months, AED3,000 monthly for 12 months.


Source Credit: Arabian Business


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