UAE: New road in Dubai to bring down travel time

Dubai has announced 50 per cent completion on the construction of the Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Roads Improvement Corridor. The project, which extends eight km along Ras Al Khor Road, runs from the Dubai-Al Ain Road intersection to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

The improvement works also include the construction of bridges extending two km. Following completion, the transit times on the major corridor is expected to drop from 20 to 7 minutes.

The project includes widening Ras Al Khor Road from three to four lanes in each direction and constructing a 2-lane service road to enhance traffic safety and ease traffic flow, besides eliminating the existing overlapping traffic spots. It will also increase the capacity of Ras Al Khor Road to 10,000 vehicles per hour.

The project also includes improving the intersection of Nadd Al Hamar Road with Ras Al Khor Road. There will be an increase in the capacity of 3,000 vehicles per hour by constructing a two-lane bridge extending 988 metres to enable free left-side turns of traffic inbound from Nadd Al Hamar Road heading in the direction of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd.


Khaleej Times
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