The UAE has officially hit 50 degrees Celsius

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On Saturday, the UAE almost reached 51 degrees Celsius in the area over Mezeira near Liwa, Abu Dhabi. According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the temperature on Sunday will range from 34 – 37C, although the level of humidity will remain high and reach up to 95 per cent in coastal areas and 90 per cent in the interior region.

Dust and sand is expected to blow across the nation, with humidity expected to rise by night and early morning, which will also create a blanket of fog and mist that may reduce visibility over the UAE’s roads.

For residents in Dubai, expect hot weather until Tuesday, and don’t forgot to pack your sunscreen – even for a short walk – as it is expected to sizzle with scorching temperatures of 43C – 49C in coastal and internal areas.


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