UAE-Oman Passenger Trains to Reduce Time of Journey to 47 Minutes

The UAE and Oman signed an agreement to establish a railway network between the two countries.

The UAE-Oman Rail Network will be a 303km network, which connects Oman and the UAE, with an overall investment value of $3 billion.

The UAE-Oman Rail Network will increase market competitiveness and reduce the overall cost of supply chains, due to its increased efficiency compared to other modes of transport.

The Network will also provide trade and investment opportunities for the private sector, providing new and diverse job opportunities, training national human resources, enriching tourism activities, improving the competitiveness of the two countries in global trade and establishing their position as logistics hubs that serve as gateways to regional markets.

The network will employ the highest international security, safety, and environmental standards to provide safe and fast passenger and freight services.

Passenger trains will run up to 200 km per hour, reducing the time of the journey between Sohar and Abu Dhabi to 100 minutes, and between Sohar and Al Ain to 47 minutes, while the freight train speed will reach 120 km per hour.


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