UAE-Oman Rail Network Set to Bring About New Era of Collaboration, Growth

The UAE-Oman rail network is expected to bring a new era of connectivity and economic growth for Oman and help the GCC region to become a global logistics hub.

Oman has long sought to serve as a bridge and highlight its location for further collaboration with its GCC neighbours.

Work on the first phase of the network is expected to start after a $3 billion landmark agreement was signed between the Oman-Etihad Rail Company and Mubadala last month.

Last year, Etihad Rail entered into a partnership with Oman Rail to jointly establish the Oman-Etihad Rail Company to construct a 303km rail route between Sohar and Abu Dhabi. Trains will run between Sohar and Abu Dhabi in one hour and 40 minutes, and between Sohar and Al Ain in 47 minutes.

Oman’s rail network, when fully completed, is designed to link all Omani seaports from the south to the north, and connect them with its neighbours.

Sohar is home to several export-based companies. With a well-connected logistics sector, the industries in Sohar “can reach their customers faster and in a cost-effective manner, making them more competitive.”

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