Parents in the UAE pay more than global average for education

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UAE parents – including locals and expatriates – say that they pay on average US$99,378 to educate their children from kindergarten through the first four years of university. According to a study, this is more than the global average as the cost of education in the Emirates has risen steadily in recent years, placing a strain on parents.

“It is a worrying statistic,” said Harish Bhatia, associate client partner at management consultancy Korn Ferry Hay Group. “We have constantly seen rising education costs in Dubai, or the UAE generally and that has been a concern for employers, just generally, in our conversations with them. Employers are questioning that they have to bear these costs for employees, and that is a big concern.”

Bhatia said about 50 to 60 per cent of companies operating in the UAE provide an education allowance for employees. Although, less than 10 per cent of companies in the UAE offer to cover the full cost of education for employees


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