UAE passport ranks among 15 most powerful in the world in latest index

The UAE passport has retained its position as one of the world’s 15 most powerful passports to hold, according to data from 2023’s Henley Passport Index.

The index compares the visa-free access of 199 different passports to 227 travel destinations. According to newly released data, UAE passport holders can access 178 out of 228 countries either without a visa, or with a visa on arrival.

The country’s passport has seen a remarkable leap in rankings historically, starting from the 62nd most powerful passport in the world in 2006, to the 21st most powerful in 2018, jumping to the 15th in 2022.

It remains the strongest in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and even in the wider Arab world.

The list of countries that nationals can access without a visa includes Saudi Arabia, France, Greece, Philippines and Hong Kong. The list also features a range of popular holiday destinations such as the Bahamas, Fiji, Mauritius, Georgia and Seychelles.

Countries, where nationals can obtain a visa on arrival, include the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the Maldives, Bangladesh and Iran.

Japan, Singapore and South Korea top the list, with holders of these passports able to access 193 and 192 countries, respectively.

The Indian passport is the 85th most powerful in the world, while Pakistan’s passport ranks 106th.


Khaleej Times
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