UAE: All Public & Private Schools To Have ‘Tolerence Project’

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A project has been launched in public and private schools across the country in UAE to promote respect and acceptance within the school system.

Titled, “In the footsteps of Zayed”, the programme aims to strengthen the values of peaceful coexistence, acceptance, respect and positive communication between pupils of all grades.

Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak, Minister of Tolerance, launched the project during a visit to the Ahmed bin Zayed School in Al Ain on Sunday.

He explained to the pupils that the UAE believed in active and honest dialogue to exchange information, listened respectfully to the ideas and opinions of others and sought to coexist in a friendly and peaceful environment.

Schools of all curriculums must already teach a module in moral education along with religious education classes.

The programme will begin during the current semester in Abu Dhabi and then extend to Dubai and the other emirates.


Source Credit: The National


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