UAE: Public warned against accessing websites to obtain government data

Personal Data Protection law
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The UAE Public Prosecution has warned against accessing information without authorisation whether it is intended to obtain government data or confidential information relating to a financial, commercial and economical facilities.

In a video clip posted Friday on its social media platforms, the Public Prosecution clarified the punishment for committing such actions, which are considered a cybercrime under the UAE Law.

According to Article 4 of the Federal Decree – Law No. 5 of 2012 on combating cybercrimes, anyone found violating the law shall be punished with temporary imprisonment and a fine not less than Dh250,000 and not in excess of Dh150,0000.

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The punishment includes imprisonment for a period of at least 5 years and a fine not less than D500,000 and not in excess of Dh2,000,000, if any data or information is deleted, omitted, deteriorated, destructed, disclosed, altered, copied, published or re-published.


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