UAE ranked 1st in Arab world, 23rd globally in number of billionaires

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world, and 23 globally in terms of the number of billionaires in 2022.

It is home to 19 billionaires, surpassing Denmark, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Austria and Monaco. 

This is according to the latest list of billionaires issued by the Hurun Research Institute of China.

China remains on the top with maximum billionaires at home. Last year, it added 75 billionaires, bringing the total number in the country to 1,133 billionaires, followed by the United States in second place with 716 billionaires, then India in third place with 215 billionaires, the United Kingdom in fourth place with 150 billionaires, and Germany in fifth place with 145 billionaires. 


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