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UAE Ranked Among The Happiest Countries In The World

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The UAE is one of the happiest countries in the world, according to a new report compiled by Boston Global Consulting Group (BCG), titled “Towards A Broader View of National Performance,” prepared in collaboration with the 2019 World Government Summit.

It ranked the country above other markets including the USA, Canada, Belgium and France after assessing “income and happiness dynamics”. The data from the report shows that the UAE has increased happiness through a range of initiatives.

Large steps have already been made such as adopting a globally unique, science-based programme to analyse happiness levels, asking people to rate public services with emoji-style reviews, assessing the impact of change and rewarding good behaviour, instead of punishing bad.

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A Happiness Agenda has been rolled out and is overseen by the Government’s Smart Dubai department, 60 Chief Happiness and Positivity Officers have been hired and flown around the world to be trained in creating a more positive workforce for companies and, ultimately, a more joyful nation.

Meanwhile, a police Happiness Patrol hand out rewards to law-abiding motorists instead of traffic tickets.


Last month, the UAE was named one of the world’s best places to work, ranking fourth for economics in HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey of more than 22,000 people working abroad.

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Top reasons for moving here included increasing earnings, for career progression and for an improvement in the quality of life.

Two-thirds of expats said they had more disposable income, with 85% paying off debts and building up savings.


And seven in 10 people added that they would recommend the country to someone looking for a new life abroad, which isn’t a surprise considering how much there is to do here.

Source: Timeout Dubai



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