UAE ranks first by expats globally in boosting job opportunities

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Expats in the UAE believe that moving to the country has improved their career prospects and widened job opportunities, ranking the Emirates first in the world. Moreover, UAE has been ranked among the world’s top 10 best countries to live and work for expatriates.

According to the InterNations’ Expat Insider 2022 survey, released on Tuesday, UAE ranks 6th out of 52 countries while 71 per cent of expats are happy with their life in the UAE, the same as the global average.

Around 85 per cent of people say that it is easy to live in the UAE without speaking the local language compared to 51 per cent globally. “The government system is the best,” the report said.

However, about one in five are unhappy with their access to online services. The UAE scores another top 10 ranking in the quality of life index, where it’s ranked 5th.

The InterNations survey found that expats voted the UAE third for personal safety, as nearly all expats – 94 per cent – are happy with this factor as compared to 81 per cent globally.


The UAE has been ranked quite well – 13th – when it comes to ease of settling in. It performs best in the culture and welcome subcategory (10th), with 77 per cent of expats saying they feel welcome there versus 66 per cent globally.

The survey found that expats feel the local business culture encourages creativity/thinking outside the box (2nd) and promotes independent work and/or flat hierarchies. The survey found that 87 per cent of expats are happy with this salary and job security subcategory.



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