UAE remains most prosperous Arab nation according to new study

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The UAE maintained its position as the most prosperous country in the Arab world and its residents have had the greatest improvement in living standards anywhere in the world over the past decade, according to the latest prosperity index by the Legatum Institute.

“The Middle East and North Africa has seen significant growth in the living standards of its citizens,” the report said.

“The United Arab Emirates has seen the greatest increase in standard of living in the world in the last ten years; and there has also been an increase in people’s satisfaction with their standard of living right across into North Africa.”

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The UAE came in at number 39 out of 149 countries in an index that measures economic quality, business environment, governance, personal freedom, social capital, safety and security, education, health and natural environment. The second best performer in the measure was Qatar, which came in at number 47 in the rankings, followed by Bahrain at 62 and Oman at 73.

Source Credit: The National

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